Upcycled Passport Boarding Pass Holder from Old Cancer Research Canvas Bag

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An up-cycled Cancer Research wallet that my passport and any boarding pass can fit nicely in, even great for certain shopping vouchers (God knows why they made them so long!) 😍

The Cancer Research canvas bag before the make over
The process was pretty simple:
1. Measure and cut the canvas and a sheet of craft foam (as lining) to the desired size: 22cmx22cm (with excess of at least 2cm all round)
2. Fold into half and secure the foam with 2 ends wrapped over it, then sew both sides.
3. Turn it out, then secure the loops (which are unused hair rubber bands for when I had long hair) with (old) buttons on one side,

4. and stitch 2 more buttons on the other side. The rubber band can now be looped over and keep the content secure. Obviously, it won't keep coins, but that wasn't what I was after. It serves its intended purposes and I'm super happy with the result, and myself 😆

There's still a lot of leftover material from the canvas bag, so I've used it to make an iPad case 😀


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