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What to do with disposable chopsticks and old wooden spatulas? Some new pot stands!

We live in a disposable age; everything is highly disposable. Even most of the food outlets we go nowadays serve food in disposable plates and provide disposable cutlery. I love my sushi and these sushi bars are known for their disposable chopsticks. I had in the past used and disposed of many pairs of wooden and bamboo chopsticks, and am gutted about not being able to do anything about it.

Up until I found my personal travel chopsticks, I have collected a bundle of the disposable ones. I used to wrap them in used paper napkin, take them home, wash and rinse them, dry them properly (I place them over my portable oven so whenever I make a roast it will dry things up thoroughly) and - store them away.

One day I saw this wooden pot stand in a shop and that gave me some idea. I have some old wooden spatula that went sticky due to the built-up burnt on oil, so as usual I hogged on them for ages because I knew they would come in handy one day. I took two similar size ones and cut off the wide…