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Handmade pot holder

Here is a pot holder made from a pair of fridge door handle protectors. I once bought this pair that don't fit the fridge door handles properly (that's why I don't like buying ready made stuff because they never seem to fit!). So I took off the velcro strips (been kept for future use), place the two flat piece back to back, sandwiched with a piece of fabric cut out from an old T-shirt (to make it thicker) and iron them together with some Wundeweb.

Really handy for holding hot pots. I didn't spend anything extra on this, and I turned my frustration on buying something unfit to great satisfaction! It can be used to line hot dishes over the worktop too.

Handmade hanging flower pot holder

Some leftover from a ball of parcel string bought in 2003 is finally put to good use when I made these 2 flower pot holders. Our tiny balcony is running out of space for all our plants, and these crawly babies were twirled around some old disposable chopsticks stuck in the pot. They didn't look very healthy then.

Since there are some pre-existing nails on the ceiling (probably fixed by the previous tenant to put up blinds), we thought that a hanging garden would be good for their new home. True enough, they now look really happy with their vines hanging down freely from the pots.