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Hand sewn placemats from dress

The problem with the commercialised world that we live in is that we don't actually get to find what we really want. They say that capitalism is consumer-centric but it's untrue. I've spent months looking for some decent looking placemats with simple design for our dinning table but all I could find are either bad quality placemats, often with horrible pictures on, unless I'm willing to pay through my nose for something that I'm gonna have food and wine spilled on all the time.

I finally found an old set in a junk store that is really, really cheap, except there are some yellow stains on the corners. But the orangey stripes over white background looks very nice and simple and I thought I could do something about the stains.

I had them cleaned, trimmed the yellow bits away by cutting them into smaller rectangles (we have a pretty tiny dining table anyway). I have a Laura Ashley denim dress I bought second hand off Ebay (for £1.50!) which is a little too long for me, s…