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Keep privacy and let light in with window frosting sticker

The big 2-panel full window by our bathroom long tub is one of the prettiest features in our flat. The problem is, some evil developers have built 2 much taller condominium blocks right opposite us. This means that the residents on the higher floor of these blocks might (we just won't know) be able to see us in the tub through our big clear glass window. One might argue that they are too far away to see us clearly, but the thought is just scary.

We have done some DIY frosting on the lower panels of the window when we first moved it, just so that we have some privacy (just in case) and will still have good sunlight shining through in the morning. But these high rise blocks were not built then.

I would hate to fully block the whole window, nor do we have enough window frosting sticker left from the last time (the lower panels and those in the second bathroom). So I thought I would improvise with the left over sticker.

I cut the sticker into small rectangles and stick them on to the top…