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Let it snow with paper cut-out snowflakes

Where I work on a contract basis, there are always stacks and stacks of A4 and A3 paper being printed everyday. Many of them are error printing, extra copies or unwanted copies. I often collect them and use the non-printed side for sketching and other drafting purposes. And after I have cut off whatever printed on the paper and done whatever needs to be done with it, I will also save up the blank bits of the paper ends if they are big enough to be used as a note pad. But one can only use so many note pads in a day, or month.

So this Christmas, I thought I would make good use of some of these paper ends I've been keeping. I made them into snowflake cut-outs, tie them up with some sewing threads and hang them by the window.

The size of a snowflake is flexible so I can make use of any corner of a piece of paper end. The wastage from this craft exercise is minimal, as the remains are going to the recycle bin. Once the festive season is over, these snowflakes will also be taken to the re…