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Too many old receipts and "sold" stickers

We probably can't go a week without buying something. Some of us try to reduce consumption, reduce the use of plastic bags, use BYO containers, go to the nearest shops whenever we can, etc; but the issuing of receipts seems to be a mandatory for all the major shops and malls. No matter how hard I try to squeeze as many items into one purchase, I still end up with way too many receipts. What's worse is: you get 2 sets of receipts when you use a credit card, and the thermal receipts are apparently not recyclable!

Being a stubborn cow that I am, I refuse to throw any away as long as they still have a blank side on them - thermal receipt or not. I've been using them as note pads, to take phone messages (not that we had a lot), and write my shopping lists on, before I put them into the recycling bag for paper.

Along with the compulsory receipts, these supermarkets and department stores also make sure that they paste a "Sold" sticker onto every bag (or every item if…

Twist tie wires, a useful thing

Have you ever bought electrical appliances or laptops, etc that came with not one but several of these twist tie wire thingies? Of course you have, and they will keep coming for as long as you plan to buy more in the future. Some people find them annoying because apart from tying some wires for storage purposes, they would just become clutter.

Personally, I find them highly useful in aiding me in my daily chores and getting the house organised.

Here is what I did with some of them:

An extended hook for this calendar with a hole that's too small to go on the existing hook:

The previous tenant left behind quite a few pointless nails - like this one that is too deep into the wall - which I can hardly hang anything on. So the twist tie wire came in handy as an extension:

Due to the flexibility of these twist tie wires, they can be twisted into any shape and form to adapt to your needs. They are also quite strong and sturdy so I've used some to tie the new roller blinds to the old blind…