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Hand-stitched curtains

The previous tenant left behind some very illogical blinds in our bedroom: one side shorter than the other. This left an uncovered corner which allows strong sunlight coming in at 7am which makes the room really hot. We can't even have a lie in on weekends and waking up to bright light gives me migraine for days.

The flat came as it is and we're not allowed to incur any unnecessary cost to the landlord and we really don't feel like spending money on replacing some blinds that are still good. So I thought of putting some curtains over it to screen off the sunlight whilst softening the mood of the bedroom.I tried looking for some simple, plain coloured ready made curtains to go with the window size. Unfortunately, the simple-looking home decor market in Malaysia seems to be catered for very rich people only. So I gave up and went to look for fabric in a fabric store instead.

Lucky for me, I found some a plain off-white thick material and a chiffon-like material with pretty flo…

How to make picture frames from excessive packaging

We all like some nice pictures to hang on the walls to make our homes more cosy. The problem is: we're renting at the moment and landlords here are very particular about putting nails on their walls, and we don't really fancy spending so much money on picture frames (mind you, they are expensive and cheesy-looking).

I've been toying with the idea of making my own frames using as much of existing material at home as possible, and they have to be quite light so that I can perhaps stick them on with some Blu-Tack. This way I can remove them and not leave any unsightly holes on the walls. But finding the right material and to come up with a solution aren't easy, and I'm just too anal about my own decisions.

Came last Christmas, my sister in law gave me something that came in 2 pieces of thick styrofoam. I then found some old black sugar paper which I collected from old art projects in college, cut them into proper sizes to wrap these styrofoam pieces up neatly (just enou…