Angel Lights and Paper Lanterns

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The biggest issue we have with these paper lanterns was that they get burnt easily, so a non-fire related solution is essential. I saw some lanterns that use bulbs and thought that we can have our DIY ones:

If the power sockets were designed in a more intelligent way, i.e. higher up on the wall and not all the way down close to the floor, we could have hung the lanterns horizontally, across the window. But since the angel lights cable isn't long enough and this is the furthest it can reach so it will have to do for now, until I get another light bulb above my head :)

This is what's happening inside the lanterns:
Every 7 or 8 bulbs are tied into a cluster using used twist tie wires (I saved them from all sorts: loaf of bread, electrical products, etc). Each cluster of little bulbs will create a brighter light to be fit inside each lantern (imagine in the old days people used to trap a group of fireflies in a jar to provide light in the dark).


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