Refashion Depeche Mode T-shirt

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I don't wear T-shirts. Just don't like the look of them on me, full stop. They are often too big or loose, or just unflattering. Although I don't buy them myself, I can't stop anyone from giving them to me, especially when it is a Depeche Mode T-shirt.

I was given this Depeche Mode T-shirt months ago, but can't bring myself to wearing it as it is still too big although it is an S. Wearing it to bed is completely out of the question because that would have been a blasphemy!

I've been wanting to do some alteration so that I can enjoy wearing it and finally found the time to do so last week. And here's what I did: outline the shape of my desired outcome, cut away the unwanted part of the material then hem the sides up (all hand-stitched, no cheating).

And this is what I can finally put on and walk out the door, proud :)


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