Using Old Food Wrappers As Bin Bags

Bin liners / bin bags are one of the most ridiculous household products sold to consumers: something that you buy just to throw away! I can't agree with that, especially when it is absolutely unnecessary.

Some people wonder how I survive not buying a single bin liner, yet not taking the plastic bags given by vendors to use as rubbish bags. The answer is: easy!

We get plastic bags from packaging alone, and most of them can't be avoided; for instance, bread wrapper bags. We'll try to use up any wrapper bags our food comes in: bread, oat, flour, rice, etc, as long as they are not too fragile or easily torn.

We still get the odd plastic bags whenever we can't avoid it, but the key is to moderate and reduce consumption as much as we can.

Life isn't what consumerism tell us to have, we don't have to buy bin liners just because the label says that it is for the bin. We can create our own lifestyle without depending on what's sold in the shops :-)


  1. Aqui em Betim /MG - Brasil, praticamente TODO mundo faz isto que você disse com as sacolas que vem do supermercado. Estas sacolas são de plástico que se desintegra em poucos meses. Os sacos de plástico que são duráveis,como os de alimento, cortamos em tiras e fazemos novelos para reutilizar na técnica de crochê, produzindo bolsas, sandálias, tapetes...


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