Make your own wallet security hook in pocket

If you are a man who doesn't like taking bags when going out then you are likely to put your wallet and/or cash in your trouser pockets, and you are more likely to become a victim of the pickpockets, especially when the pockets are not zipped or buttoned. My husband is one of these men so when he experienced a few pickpocket incidences recently, we decided to make his pockets more secure.

Here's how we did it:

1. I cut a nylon woven strap (which I'd kept from some old neck tag and I knew it would come in handy one day!) into 8-cm-length strips and hem both ends by melting them over the blue flame of a candle. (Note: just barely touching the flame will do, too close to the flame will burn the strap.)

2. Folding the strips to half in the middle, I sewed one strip tightly onto the base of each pocket to make a loop:

3. He then tied his wallet to a removable hook with an old ribbon. This way he can hook his wallet to the pocket loop; and if his pocket's ever picked, he'll be able to feel it happening.

If you do have one of those hooks that come with a retractable string, it would be quite a good option too.


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