Recycled gift wrapping

Although I make a point to tell all my friends not to give me any presents to avoid unwanted gifts and excessive gift wrapping, I still get nicely wrapped gifts from time to time. When I do I will unwrap them very carefully and keep almost everything - from the gift wrapper, greeting cards to the ribbons and trimmings - and reuse them whenever I can.

This month I happen to have some gifts to give away, so I've recycled these wrappers and cards.

  • The purple patterned wrapper in the foreground is from a Christmas present I received in 2008.
  • The white tissue wrapper in the background came from a clothing packaging.
  • The dark pink tissue wrapper underneath is from another gift I received some years ago (which will be used for wrapping the other present) .
  • The gift cards are cut out from old birthday cards.
  • The ribbons are taken from an old top I dismantled.
Nothing is new here except for what's wrapped inside, which is the most important thing. But I think they still look quite sweet anyway.


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