Elevate shelves with old yoghurt tubs

We live in the hot but humid tropics so stuff in the house tend to get mouldy easily, especially the 3-tier shelve units that we stacked up to make a sideboard. The construction site opposite our place makes it doubly dusty so we have to sweep and mop very often, and the fact that these shelves are in direct contact with the floor is just not helping.

The only short term solution (besides moving to another country which is not happening in the near future, bah...) is to give the shelves legs to elevate them from the floor surface. I've been collecting a lot of Sunglo Sour Cream and Sunglo Yoghurt tubs - mainly for freezing stock and storing leftover food in the fridge - which are rather tough.

So I scraped the paint off the tub label and stacked them under the shelf units, and this is how the sideboard looks now:

I've done the same to the book shelves in the study, hoping that they would not getting mouldy so easily. Whilst achieving the purpose of elevating these shelves off the floor, I've cleared up some of my yoghurt and sour cream tub collection that's been taking up space in the kitchen cabinet. What's better to do on New Year's Eve than de-cluttering your house?

Let's welcome a better year in 2010. Happy New Year to everyone!


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