Eco Friendly Handmade foldable 2-D Christmas tree

Last year we made a Christmas tree out of used A4 and A3 paper with tapioca starch glue, but unfortunately we don't have the space to store it away as it can't be folded down flat except the legs. So we had to dismantle the tree and send the paper for recycling. However, the cardboard baubles, the foil star and the tree legs are saved.

So this year I thought we'd better have something that can be folded flat and stored away when the season is over, so that we can probably reuse it next year.

There are always some ends and leftover of cardboard packaging box lying around which can't be use for anything specific. So here is what I did:
  1. Cut them into 1.5-inch strips and glue each pair into a 90-degree L shape.
  2. Join them up with a fishing line and some old beads (from a pair of broken old shoes before disposing them, as well as from my other beading projects) between every 2 L shapes.
  3. The foil star from last year's tree is sewed on to the top followed by a knotted loop at the end of the fishing line, so that I can hang it up on the wall.
  4. Twirling the angel lights (hand-me-down from a friend, also used last year) along the middle of the tree.
  5. Stick on the cardboard baubles saved from last year's tree.
Yes it's brown, but what's wrong with that? What's important is: no money's spent, more clutter is cleared, and we have a unique-looking Christmas tree to countdown to Christmas! What's even better this time is, this 2-D Christmas tree can be packed completely flat and be easily stored away in a box. So it's also 100% reusable.


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