Creating storage compartments from excessive packaging

We all shop. For essential needs or for leisure, we just can't avoid shopping in this new era of humankind. What annoys me is the excessive packaging, especially the unnecessary and over use of disposable containers in food industry. I notice that not only when you have takeaway, but even when you dine out at certain food outlets, they serve you sauces and/or drinks in disposable plastic or worse, styrofoam containers. I'm not sure how many countries practise that, but at least in Asia this is extremely common. I suppose using disposable is much cheaper than hiring someone to do the washing up.

Due to my nature of a hoarder, I have over the years, collected a number of these plastic tubs. I knew [ahem] they would come in handy one day. So when I needed to sort my beads in various colours and types, I found these sauce tubs really useful. I can see the size and colour of the beads, and I can stack them neatly in my craft drawers.

When I ran out of the tubs, I simply cut some of my old packaging boxes (from supplements, cream, etc) to make small boxes. I then tape the top off with masking tape to secure the beads. Since these are not transparent, I took one of the beads to stick it outside the box to mark the type of beads in each box. I did this when I had to move away and had no choice but to store the beads away for a long time. Now that I can finally get my beading projects going again, I don't have to open every single box to see what's inside before I can decide on which beads to use.


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