Handmade phone sock from real sock

I've been looking for a protective solution for my phone and as usual, I hate to make new purchase and contribute to encouraging unnecessary productivity.

So I turned to my stash of clutter for help and found a pair of in-flight socks I got when I last flew with BA. Never worn them, and never will.

I took one of them, turned it inside out, and folded the side outward and downward to make it into half the length and double layer.

Secure the bottom loose openings by sewing some beads (from my existing bead collection), also serves as decoration :-)

Found some thin ribbons (these are cut from clothes that came with ribbons sewn under the shoulders for hanging purposes but I don't like having them), and cut into 2 equal lengths. I tied one end to a straight hairpin and poked it through and around the top of the sock, and tied the 2 ends together when they meet. Repeat the same process by starting the first poke-through at the opposite end.

Yay, new phone sock - completely free! And guess what I did to the other sock :D

You can actually make this with old socks or even those widowed socks, or socks with a holey partner. As long as they are cleaned properly, there's nothing wrong with it.


  1. there is also another way by knitting which gives it a real sense of it being hand made and eco friendly


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