DIY Ang Pow Packets

One of the many perks of buying crafts magazines is the little craft making tools or materials that came with the magazines. But the downside is: they can become a clutter too. I got these lovey looking backing papers from the Diamond Jubilee issue of Crafts Beautiful (UK magazine), which have let me wrapped quite a few presents and made a couple of gift bags; yet 3 years on I'm still having plenty unused.

Walking through the Lunar New Year decorations in the shopping mall yesterday, reminded me that we'll need to get hold of some Ang Pow packets (little red envelopes for new year money). We usually get them free with purchase from departmental stores and supermarkets, but you'll often end up with too many or too few of certain designs/sizes. I'm not entirely keen on making unnecessary purchases just for those red packets, let alone advertising for corporations who are already making money out of us.

That's when these pretty backing papers springs to mind. I thought their fancy floral patterns and festive colours would definitely make great material for some DIY Ang Pow packets.

After a few hours on a quiet Saturday mid morning (with a few TV programmes and cups of tea thrown in), I've got ourselves some custom-made, non-conventional Ang Pow packets. Every one of them has a different combination of print and their sizes may not be exactly the same, but I can definitely put my stamp on each of them.

Tip: if you have no idea how to make envelopes, open up an existing one (whatever size you fancy) and use it as a template.


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