Stuffed Toy Snake from Ikea Fleece Blanket

The year of the snake. What else would you do for a company new year dinner? The snake theme obviously! The cheapskate that I am, there's no way I will go out and buy anything new just for the glory of one evening. I found this old baby blue Ikea fleece blanket that I couldn't part with and an old, rather flattened pillow which I have no idea what to do with; and I decided to make a stuffed snake with it.

The process was really simple:
  1. mark two identical shapes of a snake on it with a 2B pencil, cut around them with 1-cm space allowance. 
  2. Stack the 2 shapes together, place a red ribbon of 4" length on where the mouth is (as the tongue) and stitch along the marked line, leaving about 4" of opening. 
  3. Fill it up with the old pillow stuffing, bit by bit. Then stitch up the opening. 
  4. As for the patterns on the snake, they were some lace trimming from my craft box.
  5. The eyes were buttons from my sister's dress (buttons that she hated and removed so I saved them).
  6. The red ribbon was saved from some old present we received.

That was my mink boa for the evening, and good for sofa decoration for the year.


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