Express Ribbon Christmas Tree On The Wall

When I made the Mini Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree, I thought I was going to settle for just that. After all, we are packing up for the move; it's going to be a sad little Christmas. And as I was taking down all the 3M hooks here and there to leave the landlord a clean wall, these little 3M wonders gave me an idea.

Well you see, I've bought stashed away quite a bit of the replacement 3M stickers for more than a year now; and they don't work well after hibernating in a shoebox, in a damp house in a humid country for that long. Now they will have the opportunity to shine (literally) before they announce retirement.

So all together, 8 used and reused 3M wire hooks, 8 not-working-so-well 3M removable stickers, 1 good old reliable Christmas wired ribbon, angel lights from 2010 Christmas, an empty wall with a strategically existed wall lamp and power point, and under 10 minutes of my life; made us our simplest Christmas tree to date.

It would also fit really well in one of those tiny living spaces suggested in Ikea catalogues ;)

3M hooks arranged to map out typical
Christmas tree shape.

Wrap ribbon on the hooks
to form the shape of the tree.

Ribbon secured on 3M wire hooks


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