Eco Egg Crates Christams Tree

Forget about what my Christmas tree is going to be this year, here is something I have to share with everyone passionate in reducing material consumption. I was at Jaya One today and was as usual annoyed by their never ending building work going on, making my walk to the supermarket really unpleasant. However, their humble yet refreshing Christmas tree next to the Info Counter has made my day.

Egg Crate Christmas Tree
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Paper Craft Angel Christmas Tree Ornament
Angel with smiley face drawn on cut out cardboard
It is small - under 6', and made out of used egg crates held up by rustic wood! Hanging on the tree are little angels with wings made from fan-fold recycled paper (old magazine pages, used wrapping paper, etc) and halos made from twist tie wires (probably from bread packaging), and smiley faces drawn on cut out cardboard!

Paper Craft Angel Christmas Tree Ornament
It is not grand like most of the big shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, but it doesn't look pathetic like many either. And I think that the artists have put great effort in the thinking process and execution to keep consumption to the minimum and still came up with something this lovey. Whoever did this, well done!


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