Up-side-down cake with overripe pears

I know this is not about craft. But we've bought too many pears last week and the remaining are starting to show brown skin. So I thought maybe this Christmas we would have a pear up-side-down cake instead of Christmas pudding or Christmas cake (they aren't my family's favourite anyway). So it's still about utilising leftover stuff and stop wasting.

I found a traditional pineapple up-side-down cake recipe and replaced the pineapple with the overripe pears, and much less sugar. And I've submitted my modified recipe to a food site too.

This little Christmas baking project has helped me use up the overripe pears, the leftover golden syrup, as well as the leftover self-raising flour. As the UK food-saving campaign says: Love food hate waste.

And here's our little Christmas centrepiece. Merry Christmas!


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